Saturday, April 11, 2020


We have had some good laughs on how to handle our temporary restricted life.  Humorous e-mails from friends and family, Facebook videos, collective live performances on TV to replace our favorite nighttime shows.  Even the Metropolitan Opera is streaming operas at night, go to for details.

Our life is different.  Our limited trips to the grocery store in particular should be acting as a heads up for Central Oregonians.  A conversation with a friend has prompted some deep thoughts.  We have ended another winter of limited snow, and there haven't been any significant springs rains.  Aren't we facing a high probability of forest fires when supplies might become limited or we are advised to stay indoors because of severe air pollution.

Within the last few weeks Utah had an earthquake.  Thankfully it was a jiggle-I never did hear the registered reading.  We have had many warnings over the past few years that an earthquake is a possibility in our state.  How many have given any thought to preparedness?  Earthquakes don't send out advance signals to the press and when we hear scientific reports, we tend to neglect them and continue to live as normal.

We experienced how quickly life can change and how unprepared we might be.  I am not suggesting we adopt the "toilet paper" hoard mentally.  Rather,  just become more aware of  the non perishable items you consume and purchase one extra to tuck into a storage container.

I lived in Alaska at the time of the 1964 earthquake.  Our town, Soldotna on the Kenai Peninsula was totally cut off from Anchorage, no trucks bringing supplies, no communication.  It was a homestead community where everyone shared with each other.  Even at best with sharing, you quickly learned what the saying "Be Prepared" means.

Being prepared can be as simple as checking your spice cabinet for your favorite seasoning. Recently I ran out of my favorite seasoning, curry powder and only had half the amount I needed to finish the sauce.  Do you have any dehydrated soup mixes, they can be used so many different ways.  Canned foods  are great for when electricity isn't available, but in this high tech age, do you have a manual can opener?  If you are a camper, you are already well equipped.

News reports from the mid-West as well as West coast farmers who supply so much of our fresh produce, indicate that they are having problems getting their fields planted due to lack of employees.  Another good reason to do some vegetable gardening this year.  You don't need acreage, just a few containers to grow greens, some cherry tomatoes and even kale that can be dehydrated into kale chips.

Sixteen years ago my husband passed.  Friends brought our family a potted Peace Lily that was in bloom.  For 16 years the plant has not bloomed.  Three weeks ago when life seemed to be falling apart, the plant set a bloom.  Why now?  Is the beautiful flower a sign of faith that all will be well?

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