Saturday, December 25, 2021


 The "Fa-La-La" season is almost over.  It is time to add "finis" to the last page of your 2021 garden journal; then take a deep breath and turn the page.

Course we all know what happens next--the traditional list of resolutions.  The first one is always to lose weight.  Think about it--of course you will as you'll be eating less rich foods.  Now we need to get real and list resolutions that will improve our gardening endeavors.

My list this year includes resolving to always label plants that have been shared from friends.  I always record the info in my journal but sometimes forget to do the in-ground labelling.  Resolution: Make the tag first, then add to journal.  A tip: Write the name on both ends of the label.  If the name above the soil fades, the ink in the soil still looks readable.

In the past I have written "edit the rockery".  I have realized that edit is not a direct action verb that works for me.  I need a verb that elicits more aggression.  This year I will change the wording.  Resolution: "Pull" plants that aren't working in my yard.  

In 2022 I resolve to be more conscientious in my choices of irrigation needs of annuals and perennials in an effort to conserve water.  There are enough water-wise and native plants available to satisfy my gardening soul.

In 2022 I resolve to stop being so enticed by the newest and  so called, better plant introductions.  Instead I will focus on plants that attract pollinators.  I will use the "Top 10 Oregon Native Plants for Pollinators" list from the OSU Garden Ecology Lab study.

In 2022 I resolve to increase my plant inventory to create a more effective potential organic pest control.  I recently read that a packet of radish seeds  could help fight the flea beetles on tomato transplants.  Nasturtiums planted among the zucchini may limit damage caused by squash bugs.  To limit cabbage worms, plant brassicas with sage, hyssop or chamomile.  Resolution: Read Jessica Walliser's book "Plant Partners: Science Based Companion Planting Strategies for the Vegetable Garden".

Many years ago a Master Gardener spoke for many of us.  Shelia's resolution was "to find a handsome, strong, young able-bodied man who with the click of the fingers could appear and do all the chores we never get around to doing".

May we all be successful with the execution of our resolutions (longer than the first 6 weeks of 2022!).  

For more New Year's Resolutions from a Master Gardener, listen to Gardening: Get Good at It on Tuesday, January 4th on KPOV 88.9 FM between 9-9:30 am.

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